Serena Williams gave birth to her first child, a Baby Girl, on September 1, 2017. Almost two weeks later, the tennis star introduced her beautiful daughter to the world. On Wednesday, Serena revealed the name of her little girl on social media, along with a photo and a beautiful video of her journey into motherhood.

Meet Alexis Olympia Ohanian

Yes, the newborn is named after her daddy with the same name. Alexis Olympia weighed in at 6 lbs., 14 oz. Along with the announcement of the baby's official name, Williams also posted the first snapshot of her daughter and she is totally adorable.

She is resting in her mama's arms with Serena looking very content. Alexis has a head full of dark hair.

Her unexpected pregnancy was announced in April when she was 20 weeks along. Serena said it was an accident that she posted that on Reddit, but then the world knew that she was expecting and was thrilled for her. Now that she is a new mom, things are changing in her life.

Serena's journey to motherhood

In addition to the first photo of the new baby, Serena Williams also put up a video on her website that chronicled her journey throughout her pregnancy.

There were videos of her dancing with her growing baby bump, the baby's heartbeat and ultrasound, swollen ankles, and then the ultimate prize, her gorgeous daughter.

There was also a revelation in the video that Serena had some complications. No other details were given, but that she was in the hospital longer than expected due to complications.

It is not known just yet whether it was with her during labor or there was something that happened with the baby after birth. But it looks like all is well now. Alexis looks healthy and Serena Williams is happy to meet her.

When will she be back to professional tennis?

The tennis champ had previously mentioned that she is hoping to get back on the tennis court soon after she gives birth.

Her goal is to be able to participate in the first of the 2018 Grand Slam events, the Australian Open in January. She was actually pregnant during the last one, so it would be memorable for her to be able to make her comeback there.

That event is only four months away, but if anyone can do it, Serena Williams can. Even as much as she loves her sport, she may decide that she wants to spend more time with Alexis before she returns to professional tennis. Who could blame her?

What do you think of Serena Williams naming her baby after her daddy? Do you think she will be returning to the Grand Slam arena so soon? Congratulations to Serena and Alexis on their amazing daughter!