Selena Gomez officially revealed that she has been recovering from a Kidney Transplant which happened last summer. She also added that her best friend, Francia Raisa, was the Organ Donor when she underwent the operation. The actress took the procedure in order to address her ongoing health issues pertaining to her battle against lupus, New York Daily reported.

She revealed that most of her fans noticed that she stayed low-key sometime in summer. Presumably, she spent her time more on her health. Further, she also addressed all questions as to why she wasn't able to promote her music back then.

On Thursday, Gomez revealed to Instagram that she went through a transplant and right now, she's recovering from it.

Ultimate gift from a friend

Gomez was indeed thankful for the ultimate gift and sacrifice that her best friend did for her. She revealed that Raisa was literally on her side when she needed the kidney the most. The actress took to Instagram and shared a photo of them together holding hands.

The photo showed them in the hospital bed, lying side by side. On her emotional message, Gomez added that she felt incredibly blessed for receiving such gift from a friend. On the last part of her message, Gomez wrote, "I love you so much, sis."

Best of friends

Raisa is a model turned actress and who has been friends with Gomez since 2008.

Both first met in a charity event between ABC and Disney and it was then when their friendship started.

She added that she cherished every memory they've built following their eight years of friendship. Raisa was also thankful for having Gomez as one of her real friends. The New York Daily reported that the model turned actress stepped up when Gomez was going through an exhausting search for a kidney transplant

As Gomez shared the news with her Instagram followers, she added that she always intended to share her most memorable life experience with her fans.

Perhaps, she might also share more details of her kidney transplant very soon. As of this time, the actress revealed that she has been thankful for all the support that her family and friends have shown her.

According to Huffington Post, Gomez felt indebted for everything that her family did for her until her post-surgery condition.

As she ended her statement, she wrote, “And finally, there aren’t words to describe how I can possibly thank my beautiful friend Francia Raisa." Gomez felt blessed for getting the chance to enjoy her second life now.