Art Of Anarchy is a band that doesn't believe in idle time. The super group comprised of Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, John Moyer from Disturbed, and brothers, Jon and Vince Votta have been a force on the heavy metal scene since 2011, but 2017 brought new vigor, focus, and impetus to the musicians with the entrance of front man, Scott Stapp. The lead vocalist and lyricist of Creed welcomed the adventure of building a new audience for musicians who deserved wide recognition. In turn, the man whose baritone is recognized by a single note committed singular focus to their creative collaboration for “The Madness,” Art Of Anarchy’s second album, released in March.

Art Of Anarchy has been out on the road twice to support the album this year. There was an East Coast stint shortly after the release, and the band is currently on a blistering summer run through mId-August. This very night, the rockers will be making things electric at The Wire in Berwyn, IL. Other stops take them to Fargo ND, Des Moines IA, Omaha NE, and Colorado Springs CO.

Scott Stapp made the most of every minute, working in two solo tours in between his lead singing and writing duties, and also will soon be the headliner for the Make America Rock Again Tour, kicking off August 6 in Minneapolis, and literally going America-wide before wrapping up on September 29 in Las Vegas.

Even with such a frenzied pace, the band still finds time for a little fun on the road from an unexpected guest artist, making a “screaming” video, and even time for doing some good for kids.

Can you hear me?

Art Of Anarchy took a very personal approach to writing for “The Madness,” and Scott Stapp opened himself to a new dimension of vulnerability in chronicling his journey to a reclaimed and sober life after confronting issues surrounding his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Any fan feeling the energy of the current version of the band on stage senses its passion in every sinew, from Stapp’s soaring, sweat- drenched delivery to every strand of flinging hair between licks from the Votta brothers and Moyer, with Bumblefoot’s string mastery having a platform as never before.

Much of that essence is captured in the performance video for “Echo of a Scream.” Dale “Rage” Resteghini directed the second full video from the album compositions and shows why he earned his well-known nickname. The blur and stop-action effects serve to enhance the feel of the lyrics that probe to the core of disorientation, while the performance clip proves the musical chops contained within this ensemble that has earned recognition this year.

Fittingly, the clip ends with Scott Stapp knocking out video feed with his mic stand. John Moyer explained how the music he had long ago tucked away “came alive” for the band in this setting. “The Madness” has been named to Loudwire’s list of Best Rock Albums for 2017.

Who knows what happened?

Touring takes a lot out of any artist, so it's no wonder that a little levity brings stress relief. Magician Joel Givens joined the hard-working musicians for a demonstration of his illusionist and mental telepathy skills during a stop in Raleigh, NC. He clearly made an impression, even if no one can explain why.

During the same stop, Bumblefoot held a guitar clinic for kids. It’s obvious that the Guns N’ Roses axe man fully understands how to convey music as an instrument of healing.

Scott Stapp and wife, Jaclyn will welcome another baby into their family in November. Both are active in causes that support children and families, with ChildFund International and Jaclyn’s CHARM Foundation. The best gifts of life are often complete surprises.