“Scandal” Season 7 will be the political thriller television show’s final bow, and it looks like a lot of fans are now sad with its ending. In fact, Bellamy Young, who plays the role of Mellie Grant, now feels upset with the looming conclusion.

The 47-year-star even admitted that she is now undergoing therapy. In an interview with Us Weekly at the National Women’s History Museum’s 6th Annual Women Making History Awards, Young talked about the drama series’ ending and how it significantly affects them.

The start of thousand goodbyes

“It's a big transition,” Bellamy Young said about “Scandal” Season 7’s ending.

The “Mission Impossible: III” star revealed that they are now “technically” on the television show’s fifth episode, and they are savoring every moment they have. “We’re sad,” she added. On the set, they used to have fun, laugh, and bantering, but things are different this time as they all feel the great sadness with the series’ conclusion.

The cast members just “dig in deep” and look each other in the eyes, thinking that it will be the last that they are going to do it. Young even revealed that they get teary-eyed every time there will be a table read, as it means that they will be one step closer to being over. As they wrap-up sets, tie up every storyline, they also have to say goodbye to everyone and all.

Mellie vs. Olivia

Bellamy Young also talked about Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Mellie’s face to face in “Scandal” Season 7.

“I just love the two of them in power together,” she told Us Weekly. In fact, it is the main story of the television show. Olivia has a lot of plans in mind, while Mellie has no idea of what she is actually plotting against her.

So, fans can expect to see disasters happening, but they are also going to witness “sisterhood and triumph.”

Personally, Young believed that Mellie was born to be a president. In fact, she is a great leader, but its executive producer Shonda Rhimes has a lot of things to throw in her path.

The show’s ending

Fans believed that the television show still has a lot of stories to tell, so they are left wondering why “Scandal” Season 7 will be its swan song.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey revealed that Shonda Rhimes only intended the drama series to run for seven seasons. She, too, wanted it to end while a lot of people still love it.

“Scandal” Season 7 will return on Oct. 5 on ABC.