Salvationseason 1 episode 12 titled, “The Wormwood Prophecy” will reveal a major secret about the death of President Mackenzie. The upcoming episode will also feature how Darius Tanz (played by Santiago Cabrera) will try to tug along Grace Barrows (played by Jennifer Finnigan) and Harris (played by Ian Anthony Dale) in proving that the president was murdered. However, something will unexpectedly surface that will give more clues on the death of the former president.

What was the real cause of death of President Mackenzie?

CBS has released the official teasers for the upcoming episode 12 of “The Wormwood Prophecy.” According to the synopsis posted by SpoilerTV, Harris, Darius (played by Santiago Cabrera) and Grace (played by Jennifer Finnigan) will put all their efforts to prove that murder was the cause of death of President Mackenzie.

However, things will become complicated when Darius suddenly discovered a significant lead. In the official trailer of “The Wormwood Prophecy,” he can be seen talking to Harris and Grace about his new discovery.

The tech billionaire told the two that he figured out something about Samson when a particle of space debris struck the asteroid. Darius explained that at first, they assumed that Samson is composed of silicates (a porous rock). However, he also realized that the collision hints iron core that it contains, which is extremely denser than they have perceived.

Darius further detailed that the particle of space debris under observation is double the size and weight of the gravity tractor. He also added that when the debris struck the asteroid, the former suddenly turned into gas while the latter was not affected at all.

The tech billionaire is now pressured to get back the control of the gravity tractor so he can immediately manipulate its route. If he will not be able to change its course, its collision with Samson will result in its destruction.

Harris was forced to reveal a major secret

Darius then came up with a proposition to solve the problem by talking to the new president.

He asked Harris to set him an appointment as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the latter refused and admitted he could not grant his request.

The tech czar was pushing the secretary of defense to give him back the control of the gravity tractor because he knew that the latter was the one who hijacked it. However, the latter claimed it was not him and revealed that the hijacking and the death of the former president were both elements of a coup.

For more spoilers, check out the sneak peek photos on this link. “SalvationSeason 1 episode 12 is set to air tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 9:00 p.m on CBS.