WWE superstar Nikki Bella is joining the list of “Dancing With The Stars” season 25 cast, along with NFL player Terrell Owens. The new season seems to be very interesting with the inclusion of athletes in the lineup. What is more interesting is the possibility of seeing another WWE superstar showing off his dancing skills on stage. Will John Cena appear too?

Nikki Bella is now practicing for “Dancing With The Stars” season 25!

The show has just announced the list of stars to compete in the season 25 of “DWTS.” What is fascinating to see is how Nikki Bella will perform on the dance floor, after being at home on the wrestling ring.

Will she be comfortable to dance too?

Bella has started practicing with “Dancing With The Stars” expert Artem Chigvintsev. In an interview with People, the pair shared their experiences during rehearsals.

Chigvintsev joked that he feels like being in a wrestling ring during each rehearsal. He said, “It’s our mutual exchange: I teach her a couple steps, I get beat up.”

Bella joined in the light conversation and admitted she does beat him up during the practice. She explained that when she gets uncomfortable with the dance steps, she would grab her partner “in a headlock” and say “Okay, we’re going to get in my world for a second.”

How will “DWTS” play in her wedding preps?

In the same interview, Bella revealed that she has plans to tug along Cena to the “DWTS” dance floor as well.

She mentioned that she will try to bring her fiancé to the studio. The wrestler-now-turned-dance-contender also said she will request Chigvintsev to create choreography for her dance with Cena.

Furthermore, she also revealed that she plans to work on her wedding preparations in between rehearsals. She specified that the planning is a bit slow, but what is important is they already have a date and her wedding gown.

The rehearsal would be an addition to her checklist as they would now be able to practice for their first dance.

Bella shared a secret!

It appears that dancing is Bella’s pet peeve. In an interview with ExtraTV, the wrestler admitted she is not confident in her dance skills. She finds it hard to dance, although she also hopes to really look graceful and elegant when she does her number on “DWTS.”

Moreover, she confides that she intends to learn her “first dance” on the show, which she considers a nice practice in preparation for her wedding dance.

“Dancing With The Stars” season 25 is set to premiere on Monday, Sept. 18 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.