CBS newest TV series “Salvation” will air its second episode tomorrow, Wednesday, July 19. Here are some spoilers to hype up the excitement for the upcoming scenes.

“Salvation” season 1 Episode 2 titled “Another Trip Around The Sun” will feature another anticipated catastrophe is about to commence. Darius Tanz (played by Santiago Cabrera), a technology-billionaire, and Liam Cole (played by Charlie Rowe), a graduating student from MIT, will work with some government officials in a big project to prevent a gigantic asteroid that has been reported to collide with earth.

Where will Jennifer Finnigan come in?

Jennifer Finnigan will play the role of Grace Barrows, the press secretary for the Pentagon. She will be one of the government officials tasked to do the big project.

The actress has recently dropped some major spoilers for the upcoming episode 2. Speaking to CBS New York, she talked about her character and generously gave significant spoilers.

Finnigan mentioned Grace will be a very powerful women, yet with a very kind heart as well. She also shared that her cast mates call her character the “moral compass” of the series, driving the show with much energy. Finnigan also added that Grace is a strict follower of rules. She highlighted that her character highly values policies, but the actress also teased that this may not be consistent throughout the series.

The “Tyrant” star revealed that in episode 2, Grace will be forced to go against policies to implement the plans of Tanz in trying to save the planet. Fans will have to look forward to how the latter will influence the former in pursuing the plans, even to the point of going against rules and limitations. Finnigan teased that “the audience will love it too.”

Furthermore, she also teased that she considers the second episode to be one of her favorites.

She even said that it is better than the pilot because it will now feature how the characters are expected to develop.

What else can we expect in episode 2?

Meanwhile, series creator Craig Shapiro also talked about the plot for episode 2. In an interview with Syfywire, he teased that they learned to love the world and the characters when they were writing the script.

Shapiro mentioned that the highlight of the episode is not really the catastrophe. He revealed that fans will have to look forward to the reaction of the people to the asteroid. The creator detailed that the various reactions include people turning out to be great or some even turning out to be heroes. But, there will still be some who will not be able to handle it well and who will do devastating things.

“Salvation” season 1 episode 2 airs on Wednesday, July 19 at 9:00 P.M.