Niall Horan has finally come forward and revealed the release date for a debut solo album. The former "One Direction" celebrity has teased his album for several months throughout 2017 and fans have been getting impatient with the star. However, Horan recently took to social media and revealed the release month for his album.

The singer has revealed his album release date

According to RTE, former "One Direction" member Niall Horan has revealed that his first solo debut album will be released come October 2017. Fans have been eagerly awaiting for the singer to decide on a release date for his album titled "Flicker."

Horan took to social media to also reveal that he has just dropped another single from the upcoming album.

Niall Horan posted an image of himself sitting on a yellow quilted bed. He revealed that the single titled "Too Much to Ask" is one of his favorite songs on his new album. He then revealed that it was available for download on September 15 and fans have been going wild.

According to, Niall Horan has previously released two other tracks from his upcoming album. The singer released "Slow Hands," and now, "Too Much to Ask" in order to give his fans a sneak peak of his own original style. Niall is the last of the former "One Direction" band members to set a date for his album release.

Horan has revealed the sacrifices he has made for his career

According to RTE, Niall Horan has revealed that he has had to sacrifice a lot in order to pursue his love of music.

The singer stated that he is very much a homebody and that he misses his home country of Ireland. Niall stated that he has had to make these sacrifices for the sake of his career and has stated that his decision is, at times, very difficult to deal with.

The singer stated that he would love to return home but that he has to put his career first and this has led to him being based elsewhere.

Horan has been on the road performing since his "One Direction" days, which began when he was only sixteen years old. He is currently pursuing a solo career since the band decided to split back in 2016.

According to, Niall Horan has been touring around the UK and Ireland playing a few songs from his new album. Fans are delighted that the singer has finally announced the drop date for his album and have expressed their excitement through social media.

Niall Horan's debut solo album "Flicker" is available for purchase on October 20. The singer has confirmed that fans can pre-order his album and has revealed a new single.