'Game of Thrones' is now a year away from screening its final season but once Season 8 starts airing the afterglow of the complex HBO medieval drama will persist. Building a strong, entangled narrative plot, 'Game of Thrones' has brought to life some unique characters whose names will stick around for years. They will pop up constantly in the viewers' cerebral cortex.

Kit Harington and his Jon Snow character will go down as one of the most iconic names that will survive once the dust settles. Jon Snow is one of the few names that made it through the first seven seasons and he is expected to be in the spotlight just before the curtain falls at the end of the Season 8.

Is he worthy of that distinction or he should be eliminated somewhere in the middle of the next and final block?

Jon Snow and a soap-opera-like destiny

Nowadays, any TV series seems to be following the same old recipe for success. There are many shows that have a strong, intriguing start only to see the level of intensity decreasing once a certain fanbase has been established. 'Game of Thrones' followed a similar widely-predictable scenario. The first two seasons were the best in terms of narrative quality and maintained a certain level of excitement. After that, it all started to transform into a typical medieval drama with the only exceptional point being the nature of the ultimate antagonist, The Army of Dead.

Take a look at Jon Snow and the melodramatic path he has been following since the beginning. In the beginning, he was Ned Stark's bastard with no certain status in Winterfell. After Ned's death, he went North to be a guard at the Wall. Once he got his grip on power the generally accepted rules seems to have no effect on him.

His reckless attitude does nothing but march on the same similar path in which the main character and the apologist of goodness is allowed to bend the rules if it serves his purposes. Being killed once in the final stages of the Season 5 did nothing but confirm his special status. Jon Snow was brought back to life by the Red Priestess Melisandre.

Jon Snow and Daenerys pair shows only a few grains of consistency

Watching the dialogue between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, the two surviving characters that are positioned on the positive, right side of the barricade, it's easy to notice that there is almost zero essence between their lines, just some flat verbal exchanges that have nothing to do with the raw nature of the initial narrative. Furthermore, the Season 7 finale unveiled some other extraordinary facts as Jon Snow seems to be a Targaryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. It was just another soap-opera specific twist in which the lead character gets another burst to seize the stage eventually. He should really just be killed off as the end is predictable and boring.