The CW has posted a photograph of two of the "Riverdale" cast members online and has managed to release a major spoiler about the show. The show is due to return on October 11 and fans are extremely disappointed that a major plot point has been revealed. The CW has not released a statement about their mistake and has not removed the image from online.

FP is seen out of jail

According to Seventeen, photographs of some members of the cast have been released which hints at some major spoilers for the second season of the show. Fans of the first season of "Riverdale" will know that the character FP was last seen in jail at the end of season finale.

His son, Jughead, was told that he would have to be sent to a foster family, however, the photographs indicate that this may not be the case.

In a report by Refinery, the photographs that were released show actors Cole Sprouse and Skeet Ulrich were seen posing together. Skeet Ulrich was wearing a uniform from the diner Pops, as it appears that FP has been released from prison and has found a steady job.

Fans not happy about the spoiler

According to Refinery, fans took to social media to express their disappointment about the spoiler. The fate of FP was not resolved in the first season of the show and fans were looking forward to seeing how this was going to be addressed when "Riverdale" returns.

This and the shooting that took place in Pops were the two major plot points to be carried on from the first season of the show.

One fan, in particular, commented underneath the photograph stating that the CW had ruined a huge plot point for the second season. Another posted a laughing face stating that everyone now knew what would happen to FP.

Fans are extremely upset that this has been ruined for them and the CW has not yet posted a report to the fans concerns.

In a report by Seventeen, two more photographs were released of the actors. One included FP sitting in an interrogation room and fans are wondering if this is the moment when he is released from prison. One has to wonder how FP and his affiliation with the South Serpents will play out the second season of "Riverdale."

It has been confirmed that the second season of "Riverdale" will be much darker than the first season of the show.

There are rumors that Jughead, FP's son, will find it difficult to avoid the Southside Serpents for long. Fans are looking forward to the shows return, and are excited to see how things play out in season two.