Perrie Edwards from the girl group "Little Mix" was recently rushed to Hospital before she was due to perform a gig. The singer was taken away and kept in hospital for a few days. There has been no information released about the cause of the singer's hospitalization, and the public is curious to know what happened to the singer.

Edwards was swept off to hospital

According to E! News, "Little Mix" singer, Perrie Edwards was recently rushed off to the hospital when she was due to be performing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. With Camila Cabello already have left the band in 2016 the four group girl band were now down to three members.

Edwards expressed her sincere apologies to her fellow band members and to her fans.

A spokesperson for the band released a statement at the time and explained that Perrie had been taken ill and had been rushed to the hospital. Fans were extremely worried for the star as it was announced that she was suffering from gastric problems.

The singer has released a message

According to Billboard, singer Perrie Edwards has released a message stating that she has been released from the hospital. The star was kept in for a few days before her release, and as of yet, there has been no further information released about her condition when she first arrived at the medical center.

Edwards has stated that she is extremely sorry that she could not perform for her fans at the music festival.

The singer explained that she is officially in her own bed again and that she is now recovering from the incident. Edwards thanked the hospital staff who attended to her during her time in the hospital and stated that it is thanks to their efforts that she is now able to be at home recovering.

In a report by the Mirror, Perrie Edwards went on to claim that she desperately wanted to perform for her fans.

However, the singer expressed that she was advised not to go out on stage. Edwards stated that while she did not like the advice that the medical advisors were giving her, but she knew that she had to listen to them and put her health first.

Edwards went on to express her love for her fans who have been loving and supportive during this difficult period in the singer's life.

It appears that Perrie Edwards is keeping the reasoning behind her stint in hospital under wraps, at least for the time being. Neither Edwards nor her fellow band members have commented any further on the incident, and it seems that they have put it behind them.