Since summer, avid horror fans have already experienced a massive scarefest with the release of “The Conjuring” universe’s “Annabelle: Creation” and Stephen King’s “It.” But the unleashing of terror don’t stop there as three more popular franchises are set to release their most anticipated spin-offs this October, including “Cult Of Chucky,”Leatherfaceand Jigsaw.”

In recent years, the horror movie genre has struggled to draw in a lot of crowds, while 2017 has been a disappointing year at the box office. But with the successful releases of recent horror flicks “Get Out,” “Annabelle: Creation” and “It,” they appeared to resurrect both the horror movie genre and the struggling mainstream cinema.

‘Cult of Chucky’

Set to premiere on Oct, 3, the seventh installment in the “Child’s Play” franchise titled, “Cult of Chucky,” follows the story of wheel-chair bound Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) and her confinement in an asylum for the criminally insane. She was diagnosed as delusional and insane after being framed for the murder she did not commit.

The film also follows Chucky’s journey in settling scores with his enemies, through his former wife’s (Jennifer Tilly aka Tiffany Valentine) help. As previously reported, the upcoming sequel took place following the events in “Curse of Chucky.”

Based on a review from The Hollywood Reporter, fans can expect a nasty bloodbath in the latest Chucky installment, with high heels, compressed air canisters, drillings and decapitations as part of the killings.

They can also expect a cliff-hanging twist towards the end of the movie. Meanwhile, the upcoming sequel is helmed by Don Mancini and features Brad Dourif (Chucky’s voice), Fiona Dourif (Nica Pierce), Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany), Alex Vincent (Andy Barclay) and Summer H. Howell.


The eighth installment of the “Saw” franchise titled, “Jigsaw,” vows to level up the twisted scenes in the film.

But with the release of a new set of posters, the mysteries regarding the upcoming movie continue to intensify.

As for what we know so far, the movie is a “tonal reboot” for the franchise and helmed by “Daybreakers” filmmakers Peter and Michael Spierig, Collider noted. Michael hinted that the movie is a “perfect Halloween scarefest” with some “wild traps,” interesting twists and mysteries.

In addition, Michael promised that they incorporated a “good fun gore” in the movie. Meanwhile, the film is scheduled for release on Oct. 27 and features actors Callum Keith Rennie, Mandela Van Peebles, Michael Bolsvert, James Gomez, Brittany Allen, Hannah Emily Anderson, Matt Passmore, Josiah Black, Shaquan Lewis and Laura Vandervoort.


Apart from “Cult of Chucky” and “Jigsaw,” the latest installment in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise titled, “Leatherface,” is also set to premiere next month (with a limited theatrical run on Oct. 20). Even though the two aforementioned films appeared to be sequels of their respective franchises, “Leatherface” is actually a prequel that follows the events before the story of the original film took place.

The soon-to-be-released prequel depicts the tale of the youngest child of the notorious cannibalistic Sawyer family who was placed in a mental hospital after mistakenly killing the daughter of the sheriff. Due to a violent riot a decade later, he escaped the psychiatric institution along with three other inmates and kidnapped a young nurse.

Considered the eighth overall installment of the classic horror franchise, the “extremely violent” movie will also shed some light on the origins of infamous serial killer Leatherface. Unfortunately, IGN seemed unimpressed by the film.

In fact, the publication noted that the “plot barely exists” while the characters are “too flavorless.” Meanwhile, the cast includes Lili Taylor, Vanessa Grasse, Jessica Madsen, James Bloor, Stephen Dorff and Sam Strike, as per Coming Soon.