Creator Justin Roiland introduced “Rick and Morty” back in December 2013. The show initially began as a form of comedy cartoon series. Soon enough, it picked up the pace and became a pop-culture phenomenon, a report by Vulture noted. The internet is obsessing over the series ever since. There are multiple timelines right throughout the series that fans may have a difficult time untangling. While some manage to recognize these immediately, others need to watch it multiple times to decipher it successfully.

Original Rick and Morty

Rick Sanchez was initially introduced in the form of “Rick C-137.

” As noted by Vulture, the writers for Rick’s character have carefully revealed key details of him in bits and pieces. If observed carefully, there is a sense of mystery to Rick’s background. One only knows information regarding his family at first. Fans know that his family consists of a daughter and son-in-law Beth and Jerry respectively, granddaughter, Summer, and grandson Morty. Overtly speaking, Rick has a very cynical outlook all throughout. But there are glimpses of empathetic behavior especially towards Morty that makes him a likable character.

Coming to Morty, his original character was introduced in the form of “Morty C-137,” in the very first episode. He is known to fall any good looking girl, although, he has special feelings towards Jessica who is her classmate.

All throughout the show, he is seen surviving through the atrocious experiences that his grand-father puts him through. He is submissive when it comes to Rick. At the same time, there are a couple of events wherein he is shown to stick by his morals and principles. His concept of doing the right thing always manages to reflect through.

Evil Rick and Morty

Every individual has an “evil” side to him. It did come across as a surprise when the show-writers took rather long to introduce the evil sides to both the lead characters of “Rick and Morty.” In the first season, “Rick Potion No. 9,” was added. Although the sequences took place in a different dimension, viewers got to learn the potential to which Rick can go to.

This feeling was majorly introduced through the first season’s “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” episode. It held special importance especially for the understanding of the entire TV series. This is when the evil side to Morty was revealed as well. At the same time, his character experienced a general twist in the last season’s, “The Ricklantis Mixup.” The two characters underwent a major transformation after going through toxic-spa.