Reese Witherspoon recently appeared on Chelsea Handler's talk show, which airs on Netflix and has talked about what being a Mother is like for her. Handler, who has been very vocal about not wanting children, sat opposite of Witherspoon as she explained the ins and outs of being a parent. Fans found the talk extremely interesting and applauded both women at the end.

The star has three children of her own

According to E! News, Reese Witherspoon has come forward and opened up about what it is like for her to be a mother to her three kids. Her children are current seventeen, thirteen and four years old and Witherspoon has expressed her love and adoration for her beautiful family.

Witherspoon stated that when she was younger and did not have any children that she felt very young and inexperienced in life. The star recalled how she had a house, a mortgage and car insurance but that at times she still felt like a little girl. Reese explained that this all changed when she gave birth to her first child, daughter Ava.

Witherspoon revealed that being a mom is a tough job and that sometimes she wishes that she could just run away. The star joked that every mother thinks their children are the best and that she thinks if she does leave someone will take her children because they are so adorable.

In a report by AU News, Witherspoon stated that while she sometimes wishes that she could run off she loves her children too much to do so.

She claims that they are the center of her universe and that she is beyond privileged to be able to be their mother.

The star also shared her feelings on women who do not have kids

According to AU News, Reese Witherspoon also took a moment to talk about women who decide that they do not want to have children throughout their lives.

The celebrity showed that she does not judge women negatively for this decision and showed a great deal of maturity when talking about the subject.

Witherspoon revealed that she has huge admiration for Men And Women who choose not to have children. The star stated that having kids is a huge responsibility and that if anyone is in any way unsure about whether or not they want children then they should definitely hold off on the decision.

She went on to say that, every lifestyle choice is a valid one and revealed that she is sick of people judging men and women simply because they have decided not to have children.

It is clear that Reese Witherspoon loves her family very much and understands the responsibilities that come with being a mother to three children.