When we last left "Bachelor in Paradise," the future of Raven and Adam seemed murky. It didn't seem like they would be headed to the fantasy suite, which is the suspense-filled moment producers left up to debate for each coupling during this season's festivities. On Monday night, it was time for the reunion and for all to be revealed to the world, once and for all. And as it turns out, the two have struck up a relationship that might last longer than any typically seen with the franchise.

Raven and Adam are a thing

The mystery ended on Monday night.

As America watched, Raven and Adam made their first public appearance - as a couple. It was kind of awkward, frankly. They shared a kiss that some would consider beautiful, while others would consider painful for reality television fodder. It was probably more than what the "Bachelor in Paradise" audience was pining for.

That little giggle from Raven after the kiss? Too much!

The couple didn't follow in the path of other "Bachelor in Paradise" couples on Monday, though. While there were engagement rings being handed out, Raven and Adam decided to stop short of that step.

In interviews released after the episode aired, the couple made it clear that the lack of a proposal wasn't bad news. They just want to make sure the timing is right. After all, they live in different cities and have a variety of logistical issues to work through before they can truly take their next step together.

Other 'Bachelor in Paradise' highlights

While Raven and Adam weren't taking the next step towards getting hitched, Derek and Taylor were. "Us Weekly" readers already knew the engagement was coming, but it was still a fun reality TV moment for "Bachelor in Paradise," a show swamped in negative headlines this summer. Most importantly, they truly looked blissful as Taylor said yes to the proposal.

Other contestants seemed less happy. Corinne and DeMario hugged, but it didn't feel particularly genuine after the sexual assault scandal that rocked "Bachelor in Paradise." Additionally, the problematic triangle between Kristina, Danielle, and Dean continued to wreak havoc. They awkwardly made an appearance on "Ellen" earlier in the day, which solved very little. The drama continued at night, with Dean trying to rightfully take the blame, while Kristina chastised Dean and Danielle admitted that Dean called her shortly after their run on the show ended.