There would be nothing more embarrassing than you sexual life or behavior being exposed. Celebrities are the worst affected. In some instances, it’s used as a way to embarrass the stars or get money from them.Theirs is worse. That’s exactly what is happening to R&B star, Usher at the moment.

Usher is in more trouble than he can take

Perhaps Usher wishes the earth would open up and swallow him right now. This is a hard time for the star. Not only because he is getting sued for allegedly giving out STIs like gifts., but also because he allegedly dissed a woman he claims he never slept with and now it's pay time.

Usher should have known, the more you piss people off, the more they get motivated to screw you.

Last week, a news conference was held by attorney Lisa Bloom and Quantasia Sharpton, the woman who claims she had sex with Usher but wasn’t informed by the star that he had herpes. Moments later, fat shammers began to ridicule her appearance and weight. One fat-shammer asked how Quantasia, a plus-size black woman, could tell lies about an R&B star yet he would never sleep with an overweight woman. Ironically, most of the women who have complained about Usher are plus size.

Shockingly, many people think larger women hardly get sex, and if they do, it's with unattractive men. The real truth is, all women are created in different sizes and shapes, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying their sexuality, sometimes with attractive men, at times with male stars.

But Usher decided to ride on people’s assumptions to protect himself.

A hotel employee supports Quantasia's claims

Usher would have at least agreed to take a photo with a hotel employee who felt that was a chance of her lifetime, if it is true he was asked for one, maybe she would not have come out in defense of Quantasia, perhaps!

The employee confirmed that on 15th November 2014 in Atlantic City, Usher appeared at the Days Inn after his concert and entered Quantasia’s Room with her. The employee had even asked him for a photo, but he declined and promised to take one later with her in the lobby, but an hour later he was still at large.

No matter how much Usher tries to divert the story, the drama will still go on, until he agrees with his accusers.

Recently, he was seen with a pink T-Shirt, fisherman’s hat, shades, a black short and nice kicks. He was in a jovial mood, and you know Usher, the guy good looking. We hope this story will end some day.