“Pretty Little Liars" actor Brandon W. Jones was accused of pointing a gun at his neighbor last year, leading the neighbor to file a case against him. The actor has been sentenced to 180 days in prison, according to US Magazine.

Actor jailed for 3-years

Brandon Jones shot to fame after he played the role of “Andrew Campbell,” in the TV drama-series, “Pretty Little Liars.” After being accused by his neighbor, Jones did not plead contest to a misdemeanor of assault, says the report by The Daily Mail, citing information provided by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

The court has ordered a probation period of 3 years. Apart from this, he is even asked to serve 30 days of community labor and join anger management classes for the same.

Every detail regarding the case

According to TMZ, the issue between Brandon and his neighbor had been going on since the time the two disagreed on a certain subject. One fine day in 2016, the situation (which took place in North Hills region of California) went out of hand, which subsequently led to Jones pulling out the gun at his neighbor. The official news release confirms Jones aimed his handgun towards his neighbor in the midst of a dispute in October 2015 in North Hills, California. This isn’t the only time that the actor has lost his temper to this extent.

In a separate incident in March 2016, Brandon brandished a knife at the same neighbor.

According to a report by Entertainment Online, Jones’ representatives (in his defense) said that the actor felt “under threat,” and thus, resorted to such means. They further went on to point out that the actor has legally possessed the arm and that it is registered.

The actor was on his girlfriend’s private property when both felt “under threat” in a dispute with the neighbors. Jones’ representatives went on to add that while the handgun was exhibited, it wasn’t used by the subject. This means, that the celebrity for fully aware about the severity of the situation, and only meant to use it as a means to protect himself.

Apart from “Pretty Little Liars,” Brandon Jones has also played key roles in other series such as, “The Foster,” “Doubt,” and “CSI.” According to a separate report by US Magazine, the actor could potentially end up facing a five and half years sentence, if he had operated the arms. Several media publications have tried reaching out to the actor’s representatives for a comment, but they haven’t responded as such.