Viewers saw something unusual on Tuesday night's “America’s got talent” episode, Mel B was seen stabbing Simon Cowell with a rubber knife. One of the contestants was a mentalist named Colin Cloud. He was able to exhibit magical powers and demonstrate extraordinary feats, reported Entertainment Online. During the act, he offered Mel B the ultimate chance to have her revenge over Cowell. His act described as, “future murder” for Simon, disguised rubber knives as real knives for Mel B’s mind. Cowell and Mel B have been experiencing a rather tense relationship on the show after the latest episode.

Cowell and Mel B had a prank on the show

Cowell had passed a rather distasteful and personal comment at Mel B, which involved her divorce proceedings with ex-husband. At that time, she felt that the remark was uncalled for and decided to walk off stage. She later suggested that it was nothing but a “jokey” gesture.

Cloud’s ultimate trick was to make Mel B feel like she was holding a real knife, but in reality, she was actually holding a rubber knife. When the former Spice Girls singer was asked if she wanted to go ahead with the “murder,” she didn’t hesitate twice and went for the kill. It was only later revealed that no harm had been caused to Cowell. The act was given the title, “Solving the Murder of Simon Cowell,” by Cloud.

A rubber knife!

According to a report by The Daily Mail, when Mel discovered that it was a rubber knife, she yelled at the cloud, “It’s not working.” To which, the contestant responded by saying that it was obvious that Simon wouldn’t be killed in front of a live studio audience. “But while the knife was fake, the motive was real,” he later added.

Simon was quick to realize that Mel didn’t think twice before stabbing him, and if the knife were real, he would have been dead by now. “You didn’t know that was a rubber knife, and you were prepared to kill me,” Cowell blurted out with surprise. To which, Mel swiftly replied saying yes. Host of “America’s Got Talent,” Tyra Banks was quick to come to Mel’s rescue as she immediately responded by saying, “Well, after last week, I don’t blame her.” Colin Cloud’s act was followed by several other performances, including the one made by DaNell Daymon titled, “The Gospel Act,” and another one called, “Greater Works.” Even Kechi returned to perform again, only to be called a survivor by Mel. Overall, it was an entertaining episode..