No one would expect that the most talented driver the world has ever seen, Michael Schumacher, ended his career most tragically. At the moment, fans are losing their hope as Schumacher health condition remains uncertain to them. The legendary Formula One racing driver suffered a head injury causing a catastrophic brain damage. The incident happened way back in 2013 after Michael crashed and broke his head while skiing in an exclusive ski resort in France.

Keeping things private

Since the horrific accident, Michael Schumacher health status had no legit updates or reports until his manager, Sabine Kehm, updated us in 2016 making some statements regarding his condition.

However, the only thing that Kehm revealed is the reason why they kept his health status private.

She claimed that they wanted to draw a clear line between the public and their family privacy. A decision also made to protect the Formula One champion's legacy. Philippe Streiff, a former F1 star, told the Daily Star Online that Schumacher has zero chance to fully recover from his terrible injuries.

Formula One legend health rumors

Even though there is no official update since the horrific accident, false reports have emerged on the internet concerning the F1 legend's real health condition. A report from Poor Primadonna gave the fans hope by claiming that Schumacher would be getting better thanks to his therapies and medications.

Furthermore, Ross Brawn, former Mercedes Chief Executive, even hinted that the Formula One legend was getting better and could even murmur some words. Still, the claim was not confirmed. “There are encouraging signs, and we are all praying every day that we see more of them,” said Brawn.

Schumacher’s family in despair

Last year, a man named Hueyin B threatened the Formula One Champion’s family.

He claimed that he might hurt Schumacher’s son should the family refuse to give him the sum he demanded. Corinna, Schumacher’s wife, informed the authorities about the incident and luckily nothing happened in the end. However, the incident still managed to bring despair to the family as it felt like rubbing salt into a wound.

This year, Michael’s son, Mick, debuted his career by joining an F3 event at Silverstone. As for now, Corinna has taken full responsibility for the family's financial matters.