Gigi Hadid, model and Instagram-famous celebrity, received backlash after being cast to walk in the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, set to take place in Shanghai. The video, which was posted by Hadid's sister and fellow model, Bella Hadid, shows Gigi squinting her eyes in an attempt to "look asian." She poses next to a small cookie in the shape of Buddha. The video, posted earlier this year, all but disappeared from the public eye until the announcement of Gigi's place in the Shanghai Fashion Show. Fans of the show have come out against Gigi's place in the lineup, saying that the video shows her racism and her lack of respect for asian culture.

Fans are not happy about Gigi's blatant racism

Many Chinese fans of the Fashion Show voiced their concerns on social media. One fan said she was looking forward to watching the show, which will include some famous Chinese models as well as a spin-off show allowing one woman to walk the runway after competing on television for the opportunity. However, she said that she would not enjoy the show if Gigi Hadid walked, due to her recent disrespectful actions.

To add insult to injury, Gigi has not come forward to apologize for the video, and some fans say that even if she did, at this point it wouldn't be enough. One fan tweeted, "we do not need a fake apology [from] one who just wanna earn money in Asia." Clearly, people are not happy about the model's involvement in the show, and are even more upset that her racist behavior has not been addressed publicly.

Hadid has been the center of criticism before

This criticism of Gigi's involvement in the show did not come long after fans voiced their distaste for insta-model's such as Hadid being cast without proper credentials. During last year's show, fans complained that Gigi's involvement, as well as the involvement of fellow insta-model Kendall Jenner, was unfair to real models who were required to go through rigorous castings and work in the industry before having the opportunity to walk in the show.

This year, fans were upset that photos of most models at auditions surfaced, but Bella and Gigi Hadid were cast without a formal audition.

Clearly, Gigi's involvement in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has been met with scrutiny from viewers. Fans do not want to see someone who has made racist remarks walk in the exact country she offended.

Gigi's comments were not followed up by an apology, and people are not happy about her involvement in the show. Despite this, as of now she is still walking, and fans of the show are waiting to see how the brand will react to the backlash.