Another mass shooting this week in Las Vegas is said to be the most deadly in United States history. While enjoying a country music concert, innocent citizens were shot at from a hotel above them. 58 people lost their lives and more than 500 were injured. This tragedy comes not long after the last "worst mass shooting in U.S. history," the Pulse Nightclub murders that occurred little over a year ago.

Each year, this headline repeats itself

When these shootings occur, we are told by politicians that this should be a "time to come together." We are told that we should pray.

We should pray for the victims, pray for change in our world. We are told to be kind to one another. Yes, all of these things are good suggestions, but none of them will stop crazed people from killing innocents. There is only one real step that we can take as a country to put an end to Mass Shootings, and that step is clear - Gun Control. So why is America so hesitant to have this discussion?

When Sandy Hook occurred in 2012, Americans cried out for gun control. Our children were at risk, and something needed to be done. And yet, despite the petitions and the rallies and the organizations pushing for stricter gun laws, nothing happened. Again, after Pulse, Americans tried to come together to enact gun policy reform.

Still, nothing occurred. Now here we are, again with lives lost, and this time it seems as if the idea of policy change is unreachable. It seems that all hope has been lost on the issue of gun control. Many Americans want it, but the politicians do not, and so it is not being addressed in the Senate.

Politicians need to know their constituents want gun control

In order for change to occur, our senators and congressmen must start pushing forward the idea of stricter gun policies. They will only start to do this when they have the incentive to, and that incentive will come from their constituents. If you are passionate about keeping this country safe, call your senator.

Tell them that we need to put an end to the senseless violence caused by so easily being able to acquire a weapon. Incentivize gun control legislation by using your voice as a citizen.

It is up to us to push forth this narrative that the violence must stop, because if not now, then when? When will we be able to live in a country where a concert or a nightclub or a church or an elementary school is safe? How many more times will we wake up to a headline exclaiming that the "most deadly shooting" has occurred before people realize easy access to the guns takes 58 people with a high capacity firearm. It is our safety that allows us to be free, and our freedom that keeps us safe. Let's protect both of these ideals by putting an end to the headlines so that we never have to see another mass murder again.