This week, Bernie Sanders, New York native and standing Vermont Senator, spoke at the Riverside Church in New York City, sponsored by Harper's Magazine. An avid supporter of Sanders, I attended this event, ready to hear exactly what Bernie had to say in response to today's recent political events. Sanders, an independent who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination during the 2016 election cycle, is a self proclaimed "democratic-socialist," whose views have been celebrated by Millennial voters and sparked debate throughout the election and still today.

Bernie's policies focus on income inequality, and the classist separation of American society. He, along with many other liberal democrats, believes in the importance of raising the United States minimum wage.

Sanders discusses income inequality and the class divide in America

At his speech this week, Sanders continued to comment on income distribution, and the need to raise American wages in order to help end rigid class divides. "The way change takes place... is not when the people on top decides to make things happen, it's when the grass roots demands to make that change," Sanders said in response to the notion that a minimum wage increase could not occur. He continued on to discuss the need for at least $15 an hour for a minimum wage worker to survive.

Change will only occur when 'the people' create it from the ground up

Bernie then went on to say, "when you have an idea that makes sense and you have people that are willing to fight for that idea, that's when change occurs." His desire to inspire change is clearly marked by his words. Bernie's message is a cry for the American people to see their involvement in change, and to use their voices to inspire a new American way of life.

When commenting on Donald Trump and his win of the presidency, Bernie had one thing to say, "It wasn't that Trump won the election, it was that the Democratic party lost the election." Sanders' statement voices the sadness that many Democrats felt over the election's results, both in the primaries and the main presidential election.

Although his policies may not be what all American's agree on, Sanders' desire to truly help Americans is a concept that is missing from today's government. His ideas on income are something many politicians choose not to address, and yet it is these views that so deeply resonate with many voters today. In order to begin to fix inequality in America, income inequality must, too, be dismantled. Bernie Sanders is trying to bring light to just that.