It’s called “Macross” in Japan; it’s known as Robotech in the US. Whatever it may be called, Sony is currently looking for production people for the live-action movie. The movie will reportedly have big names behind the scenes; aside from “IT” director Andy Muschietti, Sony is enlisting “Wonder Woman” writer Jason Fuchs.

Having Jason Fuchs around should be good for the movie. He is, after all, behind one of the biggest blockbusters this year. Sony is not looking to take things lightly with Andy Muschietti also involved—everyone knows what a hit “It” turned out to be at the box office.

Jason Fuchs onboard

Fuchs is coming on board a project that was once reportedly being written by Lawrence Kasdan. While Kasdan is also a great writer, Fuchs is equally up for the job. The writer has to his credit writing work for “Ice Age: Continental Drift” and “Pan,” to name a few. These were what led him to write alongside Zack Snyder and Allan Heinberg for “Wonder Woman.”

If Sony is tapping Jason Fuchs, then that means they aren’t willing to risk “Robotech’s” future. There are two paths the film may see itself on. It could fall into the same fate as “Transformers” which had a bad summer. It also appeared to have proven robot films may have had their time.

It could also go the way of “Pacific Rim” which surprised everyone.

“Robotech” also has the same concept—humans in huge robots fighting aliens.

Andy Muschietti also coming in

Andy Muschietti is also coming in to direct Sony’s live-action robot movie. It has been a pleasant time for Muschietti with “It” becoming a hit at the box office. The director was not the first choice for the movie, though; that would be James Wan, director of another equally lucrative franchise, “Insidious.”

Muschietti, however, is still not on board just yet.

The director, fresh from the success of “It,” is still in the process of making “It: Chapter Two.” No doubt he is making sure all loose ties are tidied up; he is also looking at making the sequel a hit, perhaps.

“Robotech,” tells the tale of an intergalactic war between humans and aliens. The humans have gained the means to build robots via reverse-engineering a crashed alien spacecraft’s technology.

It began to air in 1985 as an animated series, and it was only in 2007 when a live-action film was rumored to be in construction. That reportedly had Tobey Maguire in the cast.

With the way robot films have performed in the box office, even Fuchs and Muschietti might have their hands full making sure “Robotech” gets off the ground running.