You're probably hearing a lot about the paleolithic diet of late. Celebrities are jumping on the paleo bandwagon for weight loss and health. It might surprise you to know that legumes, lentils, beans, soy and peanuts aren't paleo. The caveman diet includes safe foods that can be hunted and gathered--meat, locally sourced vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit. So beans are a fruit, so what's the problem? The operative word is "safe" and legumes aren't.

Why paleo diet excludes beans and peanuts

Dr. Oz has been warning folks of beans for years, and getting flak for it, because many kinds cause belly fat, inflammation, obesity and bloating.

So it all just hot air right--not really weight gain, right? That's just the fiber talking, right? Actually good fiber shouldn't bloat but cleanse, like nuts and seeds do. But beans, legumes, soy, and peanuts contain antinutrients. So that "musical" fruit may be the body saying danger, Will Robinson!

Legumes are toxic?

Beans and legumes grow toxic anti-nutrients like lectins and phytic acid to ward off insects. But that's not the scariest part. You know how everyone supposedly has a peanut allergy these day? (They don't--real anaphlaxis allergies are super-rare. Most allergies are intolerance at best. Same with gluten-free. The scary part is that peanuts are lowest on the legume chart, toxin-wise.

No beans, soy, legumes or peanuts but also no bacon

Most people don't eat beans raw, but what about pea pods, green beans, and edamame? Green legumes are okay to eat in limited quantities. Plant protein powder and cooked peas are okay, but cooked beans are out. Cavemen cooked meat but not beans or nuts. They did not eat smoked meats or processed meat, so all those signing on for the bacon and sausage will be disappointed.

But there are more reasons not to eat cooked beans.

Legumes linked to obesity

Celebrity Dr. Oz surprised people by advising against beans. Vegan and vegetarian are healthier, right? Beans are just as good as meat for protein right? Alternative protein sources have less protein and less digestible protein. They don't break down and lack soluble fiber.

Legumes are also high in starch and sugar. Potatoes, cooked green peas, and broccoli actually have more protein and better fiber. So you can eat vegan and paleo if you mind the Ketogenic Diet.

Vegan and paleo with ketogenic diet

Soluble fiber dissolves so it can digest. Veggies and beans are fat soluble, meaning they require fats to break down. The ketogenic diet teaches that the best fats for dissolving and digesting fiber are MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) and omega oils. Nuts and seeds have those and legumes have insoluble fiber, which turns into belly fat. Legumes, beans, peanuts and TVP (textured vegetable protein) are just as fattening as whey and more than lean meat and fish.