Sam Heughan, the "Outlander" season 3 lead actor, reveals some of the weapons used for the upcoming season's fighting scenes. Entertainment Tonight had an exclusive look to one of Heughan's favorite places in the series, "The Armory." Apparently, the upcoming season is preparing for the biggest fighting scenes of the series. Perhaps, Heughan just couldn't help but tease his fans of the weapons that are set to appear in the upcoming episodes.

Tour in the weaponry

Reporters from Entertainment Tonight were given much of a privilege when Heughan showed them the items used in the weaponry.

The famous actor revealed that those weapons were not only used for the first two seasons, but it would also be used for the upcoming season 3. Heughan also added that at the beginning of this season, they would probably start a battle in the Culloden.

In the upcoming battle scenes, Highlanders are expected to use weapons as basket hit. The actor further explained the different weapons while pointing out to Jamie's historical sword. He also showed off the dirk which Jamie had carried a lot of times in the past two seasons. He added that the weapon is very sharp and it was one of the Highlander's traditional weapons used for fighting.

Intense training

As part of spoiling fans about the weaponry, Heughan also revealed that the entire casts were doing intense training to prepare for the battle scenes.

He also added that the Highlanders had to go against the British armies, which are mostly using modern weapons like guns. In season 3, Heughan revealed how comfortable he was with the different weapons introduced to them.

He jokingly shared that he even slept with his sword under his pillow whenever they got the break from filming.

However, he also added that Jamie would be seen using several weapons this season. Viewers should also expect to see Jamie in a bow and arrow in Season 3. As part of their preparations, Heughan shared that the production hired a bow master who taught them the right use of the weapon.

Perhaps, the armory is one of the most exciting things to watch out for.

"Outlander" Season 3 is one of the highly-anticipated seasons of the series. More realistic and dangerous weapons would be used for the upcoming fight scenes. Heughan also recalled about doing mishaps on the set. He did hit his co-star Tobiaz Menzies while filming; but eventually, they found themselves laughing about it.