Fans are still in awe with the recent conclusion of “twin peaks: The Return.” Although they are still trying to solve the mystery of the season finale, knowing how David Lynch works, it will definitely leave a lot of questions in the viewers’ minds.

With that, some are now wondering if there will be “Twin Peaks: The Return” Season 2. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the television show’s lead star Kyle Maclachlan, who reprised his role of Dale Cooper from the 90s cult classic, talked about his character’s obsession with Laura Palmer’s case and the revival of the mystery drama.

The second chapter’s possibility

Talking about the continuation of “Twin Peaks,” Kyle MacLachlan revealed that Dale Cooper feels like there is still an unfinished business in Laura Palmer’s case.

“He gets his man — or his evil spirit,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

The 58-year-old star continued to say that his role still wants to right the wrong things in the situation and he will do it no matter how long it takes. However, the biggest question of all is what really transpired in that season finale.

The television show ended with a major cliffhanger puzzling fans if Laura Palmer is still alive. So, viewers are expecting to see “Twin Peaks: The Return” Season 2 to answer their lingering questions.

“I know for a fact there are no discussions for more,” Kyle MacLachlan revealed. He also admitted that he, too, doesn’t know what really occurred in that ending.

The cliffhanging finale

In fact, Kyle MacLachlan disclosed that he is still processing what happened in the series’ last few episodes.

Although he is moved by the finale, it is a traumatic ending for him.

“I’m not even sure where I am on that,” he said.

In spite of filming the final episode early, he just recently realized that it is “incredibly powerful” – especially the moment when Sheryl Lee screamed in the middle of the night that ringed in the small neighborhood of Seattle. He even explained that the ending is open to a lot of interpretations and possibilities.

In another interview with Variety, Kyle MacLachlan addressed the question if Richard has a personality of his own or he is still Dale Cooper with a different name.

“He was different,” the “Desperate Housewives” actor revealed. He explained that he is just a “little harder,” especially in the way that people behind the production described the character to him. He added that he is like another variant, but like a fine alternative of his role.