Is Reese Witherspoon gaining weight? The "Legally Blonde" bombshell looks shockingly overweight on the October cover of Glamour. Her legs, buttocks and stomach appear plus-sized and her face is much fuller since her post-baby weight loss. Could the 41-year-old be pregnant again? Is this just poor photography or is obesity stalking the sexy star? The inside scoop will surprise you.

'Big Little Lies' star getting bigger?

It was hard to recognize the celebrity on the Glamour magazine cover. At first, it looked like Carrie Underwood before weight loss.

The costumer had her in a dumpy Duggar-esque swimsuit with a weird furry robe. But where Glamour failed in fashion, it succeeded in attracting readership. Seeing the "Legally Blonde" Elle Woods possibly overweight sent one scurrying to the story. If for no other reason than schadenfreude (how dare Reese Witherspoon remain so perpetually young?), one had to confirm weight gain, or not.

'Legally Blonde' star so hot it's criminal

It was not, alas. The "Walk the Line" star has not gained the tummy one admittedly hoped she had (don't judge: in the universality of weight struggles, misery loves company). In fact, Reese is even more impossibly youthful, gorgeous and slender than ever. And, to pile insult on insult, the "Big Little Lies" creator has never had any plastic surgery (at least not any that the celebrity microscope can detect).

There were rumors of Botox, but no breast implant, facelift, tummy tuck or any other procedures celebrities commonly undergo.

Witherspoon's modesty is her undoing?

Lest you think that the "Sweet Home Alabama" star looks obese on Glamour, she doesn't. But it is amazing how certain clothes can pack on or subtract the pounds. And in Reese's case, it might be her modest attire that adds the weight.

Unlike the sexy, cleavage to South America styles (cough, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner) that normally grace the magazine cover, Witherspoon's ensemble was demure. The brief cut swimsuit enhances the booty and legs and gives the impression of belly fat. But that may be part of the plan.

Reese dresses to feminist message

If you thought Glamour was just a bunch pictures of scantily clad women, think again.

Some people really do read it for the articles. And you should in this case. Reese Witherspoon gave a delightful interview on female empowerment. The southern belle may surprise as a feminism advocate. She's neither the lesbian extremist nor the Charlotte Russe type "Feminist AF." Instead Reese raved up Elizabeth Arden, who passed out red lipstick to suffragettes to prove that real feminists are feminine and self-respecting and that sexy is both powerful and body positive.