As "My 600-lb Life" gears up to explore weight loss successes in season 6, one patient's fail may be just as enlightening and surprise Steven Assanti. It's LaGordis Pellegram who was accepted on "My 600-lb Life" and started a GoFundMe to pay for bariatric surgery costs. Many reality TV patients like Chad Dean have successfully fundraised to pay for travel costs or skin removal plastic surgery. But this young mom didn't raise a dime. And the reason illustrates the difference between weight loss success and failure.

Overweight woman hangs obesity on money problems

LaGordis needed $8,000 to be on "My 600-lb Life, not for bariatric surgery which is covered by TLC, but for gas and rent to live near Dr. Now's clinic. That was understandable, but then she blamed overeating, depression and even bad parenting on poverty. She said when she couldn't get gastric bypass surgery she "gave up" on weight loss, herself and her children. Many patients, like Melissa Morris, faced setbacks and yet still maintain amazing weight loss and a positive attitude. Even the king of attitude, Steven Assanti posts on Facebook how he has gotten his act together, lost weight and made peace with TLC.

Excuse-making kills GoFundMe and weight loss?

Why did no one donate to the "My 600-lb Life" GoFundMe? It could be Pellegram's pity partying, the subtle threat that the kids would suffer or the way she made others feel responsible for her obesity. Blame-shame gaming isn't unusual on TLC's reality television show, but those that play it rarely succeed while those that don't do.

Amber Rachdi of season 3 blamed no one, lost over 400 pounds and continues to shed weight and encourage others.

GoFundMe burnout

Folks are also getting sick of gratuitous self-fundraisers. Legit causes like Hurricane Harvey relief, get lost in scams and people wanting money for things they don't need or can pay for themselves.

Reality TV stars seem prone to online panhandling. "19 Kids and Counting" Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard want $6,000 for a Bible class. Jon Gosselin needs $30K to fight "Kate Plus 8" ex Kate Gosselin for custody of their kids. And then there are the attitude problems.

Slippery slope of weight gain blame

On her GoFundMe, the mom of two said she needed weight loss surgery because morbidly obese people can't do much without it. A commenter suggested that she could diet, which would lose weight and cost nothing. Ironically, that comment appeared to have been deleted. So the reality television hopeful never made it to TLC. But if she had, would Dr. Younan Nowzaradan be able to help her with an attitude like that? Or would she, like show Celebrities such as Christina Phillips, ditch the self-pity, rise to the occasion and find weight loss?