On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Phyllis had a hard time containing her anger towards Victoria. She realizes that Victoria has something that bonds her with Billy that Phyllis can't touch and that is Katherine and Johnny.

Johnny and Katherine may be the key to Victoria winning Billy back.

On Tuesday, after passionately kissing his ex-wife, Billy went home to Phyllis and declared that he loved only her. On Wednesday he let Victoria know that it could not happen again, but it probably will. Phyllis has only what she considers as "hot sex" to attract Billy while Victoria has several things that bond her with her former spouse.

In addition to working at "Brash and Sassy" together, they are co-parenting their children Johnny and Katherine. These children may be the key to a Villy reunion and what leaves Philly in a bind.

On Wednesday Phyllis happened upon Villy having lunch and Victoria invited her to join them. The conversation was regarding Johnny's first day of kindergarten. After laughing discussing their fond memory, Vicky looked at Phyllis and said,"You had to be there." This is an area where Phyllis simply cannot compete, and she has to deal with the fact that Billy and Victoria are going to spend time together with the children they share. Phyllis would look like a monster if she tried to keep her man from his son and daughter.

Phyllis is running out of options

Billy and Victoria not only share children and work together but they are brainstorming n order to keep Jack from taking over the company. These two are practically joined at the hip, and it is not healthy for someone who is in another committed relationship. Both Vicky and Phyllis apologized to each other while at the restaurant and Billy seemed pleased.

He has absolutely no idea these women who are smiling at each other have just declared war against one another.

Phyllis is running out of options and seems to have no clue what to do. She can only keep her man in the bedroom for so long. She has told Hilary and Michael and Lauren that she accepts Billy as is, and does not try to change him as does his former wife.

On Tuesday however, Victoria told Billy that he has changed and she admires him for it. She is pleased that he is helping her and keeping it a secret from his live-in-love. When Phyllis finds out that he used her computer to say on Jabot in order to help Vicky things will really heat up. Stay tuned to CBS daytime for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."