Nikki Bella shocked viewers after she showed her soft and elegant side when she took the ballroom with Artem Chigvintsev for a waltz performance on "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday. Although she was satisfied with the performance, the WWE pro admitted that it was a little awkward for her to show her gentle side.

She, however, is grateful to her partner for being supportive and patient in teaching her the right combinations. "I enjoyed it a lot. It was very different and very uncomfortable to start out with, but then I realized like," she told ET Online.

"I really like that elegant side and I'd like to use that elegant side even more."

WWE pro gets candid about her 'DWTS' performance

Nikki Bella also admitted that she did not know she had that softer side until she joined "Dancing With The Stars," but she thanked her coach for bringing out that new side in her. Prior to joining the dance competition, the female wrestler was only known for her fierce image when inside the ring.

"I'm just so used to showing my fierce side that when I show this elegant side, I immediately feel like I'm dropping my guard," she explained.

Bella reveals inspiration for waltz performance with Chigvintsev

But aside from the discovery of her elegant side, Nikki Bella's waltz performance with Artem Chigvintsev has reminded her of her grandmother, whom she considered a huge influencer in her life.

She even remembered her Nana as "elegant, classy, and the most amazing woman" she has known.

The WWE pro even dedicated her "Dancing with the Stars" performance to her Nana before she admitted feeling happy for being able to show off a never-before-seen side of her. Aside from her grandmother, Nikki Bella named Marilyn Monroe and Vivianne Leigh as two of her biggest influences in life.

The 33-year-old actress and model also revealed that her fiance, John Cena, also loved her waltz performance, even during the rehearsals. Hence, Nikki Bella is looking forward to discussing their Latin Night performance and hear his opinion of the upcoming showcase.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are set to perform a samba to "Despacito" on the "Dancing with the Stars" stage this Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.

on ABC.

Meanwhile, Barbara Corcoran and her partner Keo Motsepe were the first couple to be eliminated from the competition after failing to climb up from the bottom of the scoreboard. In the opening episode of the new season, the couple earned 14 out of 30 for performing a salsa to "Money Maker" by Ludacris.

On Monday, Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe remained at the bottom with 17 out of 30 for their tango performance of "Whatever Lola Wants."