The “Big Bang Theory” season 11 premiere shocked its fans with a double surprise. CBS’ hit comedy show opened its new season with two mind-blowing features. On Monday, the episode showed us Amy’s answer to Sheldon’s proposal, and Bernadette is revealed to be pregnant again with Howard’s child.

To give fans an idea of what’s coming next; “Big Bang Theory’s” new showrunner Steve Holland shared his plans to the Hollywood Reporter. Here are some of the highlights.

Sheldon’s proposal and couple’s future

Amy’s response to Sheldon’s proposal was pretty obvious.

After the event, the couple will now prepare for their wedding. According to Holland, their special day won’t be as easy as the response. The showrunner said that, throughout their preparation period, Sheldon will be really active with his ideas for their wedding. The character is excited and he’ll try to make the event perfect.

However, as he tries his best to make their wedding perfect, he’ll totally go overboard. It will get to the point that even Amy might get frustrated.

In the future, fans are also going to witness some trouble with Amy and Sheldon’s relationship. The couple will have their own problems this season regarding their careers. As Amy’s career goes up, Sheldon’s ego will have a hard time dealing with it.

He’s happy about her success, but for him, Physics is still a much better field than neuroscience.

This change will be a new issue that Sheldon has to come to terms with.

Wolowitz’s new baby

Because of Melissa Rauch’s pregnancy, the showrunners started making another storyline for Bernadette and Howard. This is really interesting because nobody thought it would happen, especially now that it still hasn't been a year since Bernadette gave birth.

It’s the last thing a couple would expect after just having a baby.

Bernadette won't be too happy

The baby number two will pose another issue for the couple. After all, Bernadette is a work-driven individual. She just got back to work and now she has to stay away again. The couple will have to struggle with it this whole season.

The showrunners also shared how they’re going to deal with the Wolowitz’s second baby. He said that they are planning to make it different from their first child, Halley. However, he did not get into details to avoid major spoilers.

"The Big Bang Theory" airs Mondays at 8 pm ET, before moving to its regular Thursday time slot on CBS.