Prince of Wales-Harry and Hollywood actress Meghan Markle have been romantically linked together since 2016. The couple has been spotted on numerous occasions and is believed to be in a serious relationship. Nevertheless, the couple has not made any official confirmation about whether they will be getting engaged or not. In her interview with Vanity Fair, Markle – for the first time ever - has officially made their love affair public. The celebrity has even hinted that a Royal Wedding might be on the cards.

Harry and Markle's relationship

The Sun reported that Markle said,“Harry and I are a great love story.” She confirmed that they are a couple, by saying that there will come a time when they will "have to come forward" and present themselves to the public.

Her choice of words implies that the duo is planning to announce their engagement soon. Markle – who shot to fame in the TV series, "Suits" – was photographed on a romantic vacation with Harry in Botswana in August. Harry and Markle have apparently been dating since July 2016 – which makes it a proper year. Rumors mentioned by The Sun stated that Harry might have proposed to Markle during their romantic getaway in Botswana.

On several occasions the Prince has expressed to the media, his desire of settling down and having a family of his own, notes The Sun. Coming back to Meghan, she took the interview with Vanity Fair as an opportunity to address her relationship with Harry. She spoke about the difficulties that they have had to face as a couple.

“It comes in waves,” she said, adding that there are some days where they feel it’s more challenging than others.

Actress on her complexion and the show 'Suits'

For the first six months, the two were low-profile when it came to their relationship. After some time, rumors about their romance started spreading and the audience began perceiving her in a different manner.

“Nothing about me changed, I’m still the same person,” she insisted. Markle stated how much she hates being identified because of her relationship with Harry. Since then, the celebrity has avoided reading any news about them. The actress even spoke about the troubles she had to face due to her complexion. Her mother is an African-American, and so Markle has been “ethnically ambiguous” for years.

The interview with Vanity Fair was accompanied by an image where she was seen wearing an off-shoulder, black and white dress. The actress may even be planning to quit “Suits.” Could this be because she sees her future as a member of the royal family?