Maci Bookout is part of the original "Teen Mom OG" cast, as she was one of the first teenagers to film "16 & Pregnant." When she was filming the show, Maci was very honest about what she wanted. She wanted Ryan Edwards to step up and be a father to little Bentley. However, instead of staying home and taking care of his son, he chose to go out and hang out with his friends instead. Even now when Bentley is much older, Ryan is struggling to be a hands-on father. As fans have seen on "Teen Mom OG," Bookout is tired of giving up her precious time with her son so his grandparents can spend time with him.

But Maci isn't like her other "Teen Mom OG" co-stars. Her husband runs "Things That Matter," a t-shirt company that is doing very well. Bookout had worked with the business for a while, but she decided to step back so she could focus on her three children and work on her own career. Maci has expressed an interest in journalism, but many of her co-stars are exploring doing companies that use the "Teen Mom OG" fan base. But there is a big difference between launching a business and simply getting paid to market products to fans. According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is being accused of only sharing ads on social media, and this isn't sitting well with the fans that essentially made her famous and rich.

Not so social

Apparently, Maci Bookout isn't very social on the internet these days. Of course, she has three children so it is possible she's very busy. But it sounds like fans would prefer to see nothing on her social media accounts instead of ads.

"Maci does not post much anymore, and if she does, it's always a ad or Click Bait," one fan wrote to Maci on her Instagram picture, revealing that it is exhausting to constantly see ads or be asked to purchase something.

Bookout recently angered some fans by promoting a thinning tea. Maci is one of the skinniest girls on the show, so fans didn't think it was appropriate for her to promote this kind of product. They thought it was sending the wrong message to young girls.

Almost quit the show

It almost seems like Maci Bookout doesn't have an interest in filming the show anymore.

She has been very vocal about how she didn't want to film the show with Farrah Abraham, as she didn't want Bentley to be on the same show as someone who had done an adult video. While she threatened to quit the show, she has continued to film it for years after Farrah's sex scandal.

What do you think of Maci Bookout's posts on social media? Are you tired of seeing ads all the time?