Maci Bookout is one of the "Teen Mom OG" stars who keep the most to herself. While she does have social media accounts to interact with her fans, they are not very active. She was recently accused of just posting photos that were advertisements recently, as she gets paid for doing ads for companies. Over the past couple of days, Maci has posted photos from her life and it sounds like things are going well for the "Teen Mom OG" star. But when Bookout shared a photo of her daughter Jayde and her son Maverick on Instagram, some people attacked Maci.

According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout wanted to celebrate that her beloved Tennessee football team was playing. She had her children in Orange and they were excited about the game. They yelled "Go Vols" and even put their hands up in the air, yelling "touchdown!" However, one follower revealed that it was ridiculous for Maci to put Maverick's hair up in a ponytail.

Boys can have ponytails

"That ponytail on Maverick looks ridiculous. He looks like a girl. Why are you doing that to him?" one of Maci's followers wrote to her on the video that showed these two children having fun.

The majority of comments were positive and happy. Her fans appear to enjoy it when she posts photos and videos from her life, as she does tend to overshare with the advertisements and sponsored posts.

However, when she gets rude comments like this one above, Bookout may not wish to share anything on social media.

It should be noted that boys can have ponytails and there's nothing wrong with what Bookout did in the video. There's no reason why Maverick can't have long hair and can't have his hair up when he's eating. It seems like a gender-stereotype that boys can't have long hair.

It appears to be a gender-stereotype that Bookout is throwing out the window. It's her son and she can do whatever she wants.

Too much drama with fans

It makes sense why Maci Bookout doesn't want to deal with this kind of drama. If this is the kind of feedback she receives every time she posts a photo of her kids, then it makes sense as to why she's sticking to the paid posts.

Here, she gets paid money when her fans interact, compared to when her kids and her decisions as a parent are judged. It really does seem like an out of line comment and it doesn't contribute at all to the conversation.

What do you think of Maci Bookout's post where she's filming Maverick with long hair? Do you think it makes him look like a girl and do you think there's something wrong with that?