Amber Portwood has never been the kind of person to take criticism from her "Teen Mom OG" fans. For years, Amber has dealt with her issues in her own way and she has never been the one to truly speak out about her decisions. She has always done something and then opened up about it later. The reactions fans sometimes have can be judgmental and downright rude, so this "Teen Mom OG" may keep her distance to protect herself and her daughter Leah.

Even though her daughter does appear on Instagram every so often, it is mostly about Amber's life and her business that fans see on her social media accounts.

Based on some recent feedback, it sounds like Portwood may soon distance herself even more from viewers.

According to a new Instagram post, Amber Portwood wanted to show fans that she was indeed spending time with her daughter, even though Gary Shirley had been accused of keeping Leah from Amber on "Teen Mom OG."

It didn't take long for Amber to fight back and it appears that the mother-daughter duo is spending more time together. But when Amber posted a picture of herself and Leah in a hammock, one person decided to go after Leah's body weight.

Criticizing the kids

"Little kids like that shouldn't be that overweight. That's all," one person wrote on Amber Portwood's Instagram, to which another fan came to Amber's defense, writing, "And again, are you her pediatrician?

Do you know her BMI? A lot of children grow out of it, AS THEY GROW. Sounds like either you're super vain about appearance and/or have some type of eating disorder since you're so judgmental on this subject. I pray you don't work with children."

This isn't the first time that the children of these "Teen Mom" stars have been attacked.

Just a few weeks ago, one fan called Chelsea DeBoer's daughter Aubree pudgy, hinting that she had gained weight. It sounds like one person is questioning what Gary and Amber are feeding Leah, as she supposedly looks bigger.

New relationship

These days, Amber Portwood may not be interested in dealing with this kind of drama. She recently broke up with Matt Baier after three years of drama.

She has moved on with another man and this new relationship appears to be much healthier. Perhaps she wants to focus on this relationship instead of dealing with negative and unnecessary comments from followers, who just want to make life miserable for her.

What do you think of Amber Portwood's photo of her daughter? Do you think it seems unfair?