Lydia Mclaughlin decided to return to this season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," because she was excited about what this season could bring. After having her third son and perhaps learning more about the drama that reality television is all about, Lydia decided to return. In the second episode, McLaughlin revealed that shannon beador was a lost soul after meeting her once and the friendship didn't exactly look promising. It is possible that she gained some confidence and stood up to Shannon after getting some odd feedback. This all played out on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," but Lydia decided to give Beador a second chance.

She was ready to see if there was a chance for a friendship.

According to a new report, Lydia McLaughlin is now revealing that she was happy that they could spend some time together and laugh about what was happening during a girls night out. McLaughlin writes about this in her blog, but she also writes that she thought that her drama with Shannon was over. It sounds like she is hinting that things will go south once again and they are not exactly friendly these days.

Foreshadowing drama

While Lydia can't actually say anything about their current situation, it sounds like she is hinting that things between them will get worse once again. McLaughlin revealed that she was having a great time with her, and then she teases, "or so I thought." It is clear that she's trying to stay civil with her, but she can't say anything due to her Bravo contract.

"This night was a turning point (so I thought...) for Shannon and me. She was making me laugh and we were joking with one another and I felt like we were starting to form a real friendship," Lydia McLaughlin reveals in her Bravo blog, explaining that she did think that they were moving forward.

McLaughlin has revealed that these two are very different, as she would make an effort with her husband if he was curious about a sport, for example.

This was something that came up although Shannon didn't go to the Spartan Race with the other ladies.

Focusing on her business

These days, Lydia McLaughlin is focusing on her business with her husband, Doug. They have launched the Nobleman magazine and it sounds like they are working hard to make it a success. She is very proud of everything they have accomplished, and she doesn't want a co-star to ruin her happiness.

As she has explained, her religion is very important to her and perhaps she feels that Beador could use some spiritual guidance.

What do you think of Lydia McLaughlin hinting that drama will happen with Shannon Beador?