As thrilling as the performances were in the “America's Got Talent” semifinals this week, the stress of knowing that only five out of the 11 talents would move on was nearly overwhelming for many. Tyra Banks wasted no time in announcing the hopefuls who came in fourth, fifth, and sixth place and were eligible for the save vote of the night on Wednesday, September 6. Singer-songwriter, Chase Goehring, magician Eric Jones, and inspiring singer, Evie Clair were the threesome who had to suffer through the long minutes to know their fate, but other performers would hear the good news first.

Record numbers and feeling numb

Word came early that this vote for this group of finals contenders was the highest in “America's Got Talent” history. That record is no surprise, considering that every one of these performing artists gave every ounce of themselves in their offerings, and their social media followings are stirring up a frenzy of attention. DaNell Daymon and Greater Works came forward with comedian, Preacher Lawson to face the first vote.

Preacher was voted the first finalist, and playfully going against his name, he teased that, “there was just too much gospel” on stage with Greater Works. The comic made a magnanimous gesture of shaking the hand of nearly every member of the choir as they exited, so brotherly love was on display.

Howie Mandel named Preacher “the next superstar comedian,” and Tyra even kissed him on the forehead, after being his target in performance.

The most painful juncture of the night came next. Singers, Johnny Manuel and Yoli Mayor, were called forward, expecting to hear “who will be moving forward,” but instead, heard that neither of them would be going on in the competition.

Their faces spoke the stunned despair, as Simon Cowell reminded Yoli that she could not have done "anymore" in her performance, and should hold her head high.

Following a silly interlude of “Buzzer Buddies” trivia questions with the judges, last season’s “America's Got Talent” finalist competitors, The Clairvoyants.”The psychic couple sparked some mind reading wonders between Howie Mandel and Mel B with the word “sunshine.”

Stress and sublime joy

Speaking of sunny, no smile is sunnier than that of Darci Lynne.

The young ventriloquist came forward with subway singer, Mike Yung. This verdict wasn’t too much of a battle after the big time performance that Darci put on with her puppet friend, Edna Doorknocker. That performance alone is up to over 3 million YouTube views. Mike Yung also gave his best-ever performance, and will certainly have brighter days ahead. Darci seemed completely stunned by the news that she was a finalist, but thanked America for all the support. Mel B reminded her golden buzzer girl again that she was going to “win this.” Darci finally beamed in giving thanks.

Sara and Hero (and Loki) came forward, along with skaters, Billy and Emily England, to face their fate. Sara’s beautiful dogs, Hero and Loki, were delighted in their own doggie way and didn't seem phased by all the pressure.

They even had a stroll across the judges’ desk! Heart and inspiration had a combined win, as Sara and Hero won their slot to the finals. Simon teased with lots of “woof-woofs” of his own to respond to the dogs. Still, the look on Sara’s face was enough—sheer gratitude for the chance at a new future. She gushed that she was “blessed” to have this “America's Got Talent” opportunity. Some moments are meant to be.

Finally, it was time to reveal the “save” results, and put the three talents waiting to peace with the truth. Evie Clair was the one chosen by voting America to be a finalist, and her genuine gratitude was evident. Her first hug came from Darci Lynne, before the judges’ final choice between Eric Jones and Chase Goehring.

Despite the difference in their talents, their ages, and life experiences, the tension was written on the faces of both men.

When deliberations were done, Heidi Klum cast her vote to Eric Jones, while Howie Mandel put his vote with Chase Goehring. Mel B declared that her 18-year-old wanted her vote to go to Goehring, too. Simon Cowell gave the deciding vote to the musician, who nearly melted from the mix of stress and delight in synchrony.