luann de lesseps shocked everyone when she announced that she would be divorcing Thomas D'Agostino after eight months of marriage. When Luann got married to Thomas, she was over the moon. Many of her "The Real Housewives of New York" co-stars questioned whether this was truly the right decision for her, as she had already forgiven him for making out with another woman.

All of her co-stars and all of the viewers felt that he had cheated on her. He had betrayed her trust by making out with another woman at the Regency Hotel - a place where he hangs out all the time.

It's not like he was trying to hide it from the world. Luann decided to forgive and forget, but it may have worked against her.

According to a new tweet, Luann de Lesseps is now facing some heat after her post-Divorce interview she did with Andy Cohen. Last week, Luann sat down with Andy on "Watch What Happens Live" to discuss her divorce from Thomas. Fans had expected her to be real and dish the details about what had truly gone wrong between them. But the interview was disappointing, as fans don't feel like they got the true answers. At times, de Lesseps appeared to be dancing around the subject at hand.

Not being real

On Twitter, one fan reached out to Luann de Lesseps, telling her to stop being fake and proper.

The fan also revealed that her interview about her divorce was pointless, as Luann wasn't exactly being honest. Andy revealed that the interview would be telling, as nothing was off limits. However, it sounds like viewers didn't feel like they learned anything from the interview. She kept trying to protect her marriage to Thomas, even though it was coming to an end.

Of course, Luann de Lesseps is all about etiquette and she may not want to disclose personal details about her divorce. She may want to keep some details to herself as she's trying to protect her children.

She may also want to uphold her image, as de Lesseps doesn't want to be seen as a victim. She had plenty of red flags and ignored them all.

The next season

The divorce gives Luann de Lesseps a great storyline for the upcoming season of the show. While dating may be off the table, one can imagine that her co-stars will talk about all of the red flags that were there and how they tried to warn her. The marriage may have meant a lot for Luann, but it may have been a joke for her co-stars.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps' interview with Andy Cohen? Do you think she was being fake during the interview, as she didn't want to disclose details from her marriage?