Josh Flagg told viewers that he had decided to break up with his boyfriend Colton after years of dating. While fans have seen them grow together for years on "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," Flagg never pulled the trigger when it came to marriage. They owned property together, Colton helped Josh through the loss of his grandmother, and they were starting to talk about the future. Josh almost took Colton for granted, as he never talked about marriage plans or even the plans to have a baby. But when they broke up, Flagg moved on quickly. When he returned to "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," Flagg was already dating someone new.

Bobby Boyd was someone who he had known for a while, but he revealed that he knew marriage was what he wanted.

It is clear that Josh is very happy. He got married last weekend at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and there's no doubt that he made the right decision. But fans aren't happy with the lack of information about Colton. One season he was on the show, and they were dating, and the next he was replaced. According to a new Instagram post, Josh Flagg is now getting questions from fans about Colton and people want to know more.

What happened with his ex-boyfriend?

On "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles," Josh Flagg revealed that they had grown apart. They wanted different things. But that answer wasn't enough for fans.

They want to know the details, even though the reality show is about real estate and expensive properties.

"Where's Colton for real? Do u communicate at all?" one person wrote about Colton, asking what had happened between him and Josh when they broke up, to which another person added, "I know right? They were together for so long, then all of a sudden, Josh gets together with this guy, gets engaged and married.."

Colton himself hasn't said anything about them splitting up, as he hasn't spent time in the public eye.

He seems to live a private life when he isn't with Josh.

Quick decision to move on

Flagg didn't waste any time to move on. When he returned to the show, Josh revealed that he was already dating someone new. Before the season was over, he had already proposed to him in Paris. Even Bobby questioned whether he was actually ready for marriage, but Flagg never felt more secure in his decision.

The quick decision to move on could mean that Josh didn't want to talk about Colton on the show out of respect for his new partner.

What do you think of Josh Flagg not clearing up questions about Colton?