luann de lesseps has broken her silence in regards to her failed marriage to Thomas D'Agostino. Luann, who married because she wanted to find her everlasting love, was sad to learn that perhaps her marriage to D'Agostino would not last. Luann and Thomas decided to file for divorce together and they showed up to a court house in Sag Harbor to file. A few weeks after her split, Luann decided to sit down to tell her "The Real Housewives of New York" fans what had truly gone wrong with D'Agostino. Luann gave her exclusive interview to Andy Cohen for an episode of "Watch What Happens Live."

According to a new report, Luann de Lesseps is now revealing that she does have some regrets in regards to her marriage.

Of course, many believe that cheating is what caused them to get divorced, but de Lesseps reveals that perhaps she should have kept her eyes open a bit more. While filming "The Real Housewives of New York," Luann is now revealing that she should have listened to her co-stars more in regards to his bachelor behavior. The cheating incident wasn't enough to change her mind.

Red flags

During her interview with Andy Cohen, Luann de Lesseps explains that she's seeking support. She has no desire to listen to her co-stars telling her "told you so," and she does not want to relive all of the red flags she should have picked up on.

"Listen, I've been through a lot. The last thing I want to hear from them is, 'Told you so!'" Luann told Andy.

"I hope I don't have to hear that. An apology [from me]? Maybe not, but I wish I would have listened is more."

Of course, her co-stars may not want to dwell in the past, as many of them do think Luann made a mistake. One can imagine that her co-stars don't want to bring up the past, and inquire about possible cheating.

No cheating happened

Luann de Lesseps is adamant that no cheating occurred with other women. Even though Thomas had a hard time giving up his bachelor lifestyle and had kissed another woman prior to them getting married, Luann is convinced that he never cheated on her. Fans wouldn't agree with her confidence, as they believe that he may have cheated on her with his ex-girlfriends.

Whenever they went out, there would always be a woman from his past around, including the infamous Missy.

What do you think about Luann de Lesseps' one regret? Are you surprised she's regretting that she didn't pay better attention to the red flags that continued to appear throughout her relationship with Thomas D'Agostino?