luann de lesseps opened up about her divorce to Andy Cohen recently and fans expected "The Real Housewives of New York" star to reveal that cheating had been the reason why they were no longer together. Fans expected that he hadn't been able to keep his pants on during the relationship and she had caught him. However, Luann has revealed that the gossip about him supposedly cheating had become too much and she wanted to end the marriage because she felt she couldn't be happy. de Lesseps had also caught him in a lie, which resulted in her sleeping at a hotel the night before the reunion taping.

According to a new report, Luann de Lesseps is now admitting that she did set up some requests for her new husband, including where he could go. A few months before their wedding, Luann learned that thomas d'agostino had made out with another woman at the Regency Hotel in New York City. She had been with him at the Regency and he loved hanging out there. Some would claim that this is his spot. So when de Lesseps told him she didn't want him there, he may have acted out.

Drop the Regency

During her interview with Andy Cohen, Luann de Lesseps reveals that she requested him to stay away from the Regency Hotel as they worked on their relationship. Sadly, she learned that he had no interest in working with her.

"I said to him 'Don't go to The Regency' and he was not gonna change his lifestyle," Luann de Lesseps explains about the one request she did have for him, adding, "Yes, he did [go back] and it was a problem for me. I expected more; I expected it to change."

Perhaps she had high expectations for him, even though her demand was not outrageous.

Perhaps she was worried that he would run into this other woman again.

Can he change?

Luann de Lesseps essentially divorced Thomas because she couldn't change him. She wanted him to change, but he had no plans on putting his bachelor lifestyle on hold. He wanted to see other women whenever it pleased him, even if it meant going back to the Regency.

One could argue that marriages fail when people try to change one another and after eight months, Luann may have given up her fight in trying to change D'Agostino. Within days of filing for divorce, he was spotted with one of the women he was accused of getting cozy with during his relationship with Luann.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps' statement about how she wanted Thomas to stay away from the Regency? Do you think her demand was too much?