Gigi Hadid has become the latest victim to receive criticism online from a Video that was posted of the model. The video shows Hadid being blatantly racist and the public was quick to call out the celebrity for her actions. Hadid has since apologized for her actions and expressed her love for her fans. She has explained that it was not her intention to hurt anyone.

The video caused public outrage

According to Elle, Gigi Hadid has received major backlash after her sister posted a video of the model online. The two sisters were at dinner when Hadid picks up a biscuit designed like Buddha and squints her eyes in mockery of the religious figures face.

It is clear that Hadid did not know the criticism that would follow this video.

In a report by Perez Hilton, the public was shocked to see the popular model being openly racist. This incited public outrage and Gigi Hadid became the target of online criticism. Fans stated that the model had no respect for Chinese culture or for the religious figure Buddha.

The public stated that Hadid was not welcome to come to the Victoria Secret Fashion show this year, which is due to take place in Shanghai. Hadid has since announced that she will be walking in the Fashion show. The celebrity disabled comments on her Instagram account once she made this announcement as the public began to attack her online.

Hadid apologizes for the video

According to AU News, Gigi Hadid has publicly apologized for the racist video through social media. The star explained that it was not her intention to hurt anyone and that this was the last thing that she wanted to happen. The model stated that she was very sorry to anyone she offended and that she was sorry that she let her fans down.

She then went on to explain that she has the highest respect for China and their culture. The model reminded the public that she has visited the country several times and that she has enjoyed her visits every time she went there. Hadid also stated that she has learned a valuable lesson through the posting of this video and that she realizes how she can be portrayed through social media in a negative light.

In a report by Elle, Gigi Hadid has stated that she is excited to meet her fans and that she hopes they can judge her for the person she is in front of them rather than what they have seen online. Hadid explained that she does not condone the hurtful behavior and wanted to express this to her fans.

Hadid has continued to receive backlash online as fans have criticized her for apologizing on only one social media account. The public is convinced that Hadid is only apologizing because she wants to walk in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and is afraid that she will not be allowed.