Leah Messer has been battling rumors that she's addicted to pills and possibly even alcohol for a couple of months now as she decided to open up about her struggles with Depression And Anxiety on "Teen Mom 2." On the show, producers captured a few scenes of her where she was slurring her words and falling asleep while filming scenes with friends and family members. In reality, Leah was mixing pills that she was not supposed to be mixing and everything turned out to be an accident.

But fans quickly assumed that she was taking something more serious and that she was perhaps addicted to pills.

Leah decided to go to rehab to get help and to learn how to deal with her depression and anxiety. She wanted healthy ways to deal with her issues rather than resort to pills. This was something she documented on "Teen Mom 2."

Fans creating stories about her

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now facing some harsh comments on Twitter, as people are trying to spread rumors that she's under the influence again. Despite her openness about her struggles, people will always find situations or pictures that make her make her look unflattering. These photos tend to surface on social media and within hours, there are rumors that she's addicted to drugs and possibly even risking the lives of her daughters.

This happened over the weekend, as a poor photo of Leah surfaced.

However, it appears that one person had taken a screenshot of Leah, as she was partially closing her eyes.

The scene, which had nothing to do with Leah's drug use, merely showed her driving with her daughter and the person taking the snapshot had just taken a picture as Leah was closing her eyes, making it look like she was drowsy. The person sharing the photo on social media made it seem like Leah had a problem and that her role as a mother should be questioned.

It seems like a completely ridiculous notion to share these images in social media, as this person was merely trying to cause drama by sharing a picture that wasn't even real.

Doesn't take it seriously

Over the years, Leah and her co-stars, including Jenelle Evans, have dealt with various histories and rumors from viewers that have severely criticized their roles as mothers. Evans has even had Child Protective Services show up at the door because some fans of the show believed that she is mistreating her children. At one time, they showed up because Jenelle had shared a picture of her son Kaiser, where there was a shadow over his eye. Fans were convinced that she had beaten her son to the point where he had a black eye.

What do you think about the pictures of Leah Messer being shared on social media? Do you think there's reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary?