Josh Flagg from "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" got married this weekend to Bobby Boyd at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills. Josh had been dating Boyd for short period time while filming "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" but he felt like Bobby was the right person for him. On the previous season of the show, Flagg got down on one knee in Paris and proposed marriage to Bobby. Even though Boyd had been hesitant about tying the knot and getting serious, Josh Flagg knew what he wanted and he was ready to make the relationship work.

For some viewers, it sounded like the engagement and the wedding happened rather fast as Josh had been in a long-term relationship with a man named Colton.

Since he started filming the show years ago, Josh had been dating Colton and while the idea of marriage may have surfaced for them, Josh never took the steps to move forward with it. They had bought a house together but during one of the show's hiatuses between seasons, the two broke it off. Fans never learned what had truly gone wrong between them but according to Josh Flagg, the relationship had just stalled. He quickly started dating Bobby and within a few months of filming, he knew that he wanted to propose to him.

His magical day

According to a new report, Josh Flagg got married last weekend and he was excited about his big day. While the decision to propose may have happened fast, it sounds like fans were more than excited for him as he finally got to take the next step and get married.

It sounds like his family and friends were there to enjoy the day with him and many people shared pictures on Instagram of the event.

“The wedding was magical, we danced the night away with all of our closest family and friends,” Josh has revealed about his wedding day.

Josh Flagg and Bobby got married at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is an iconic location for so many people.

Of course, "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star Josh is known for being a classic guy with expensive taste and he likes the older and classical elements of the city. It is possible that he has known that he wanted to get married there for a long time.

His grandmother was the missing piece

It is possible that he is sad that his grandmother wasn't present at the nuptials.

Josh was very close to his grandmother, who had appeared on the show many times. She passed away a couple of years ago and Josh went through a sad stage as he tried to deal with the loss. It is no secret that these two were super close and he wanted to go back to Paris to get engaged to Bobby, as Europe held a special place in his heart thanks to his grandmother. It sounds like the weekend was perfect and his grandmother was there in spirit.

What do you think about Josh Flagg getting married at the Beverly Hills Hotel? Are you surprised that he chose a classy venue for his big day?