kelly dodd decided to have a breast reduction this year after having lived with large breasts for a long time. As explained on "The Real Housewives of orange county," Dodd revealed that she had been living with large breasts for a long time and they had deflated after she had breastfed her daughter. Kelly wanted a brand new look, and she decided to get a breast reduction. She revealed that she wanted to get this done for herself, even though her husband really liked bigger breasts.

On Monday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Kelly had the surgery and she was surprised to see so many people visit her as part of her recovery.

She was particularly surprised that Meghan King Edmonds decided to stop by to see her. The two hadn't been getting along, and Kelly was wondering what had gone wrong between these two friends. When they weren't filming the show, she had received a text message from Meghan, asking her if she was cheating on Michael. That started a downward spiral for them. According to a new report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she was happy to work out her issues with Meghan, as they had been friends for years.

Working out the rumors

The two agreed to be cordial going forward, as they had been fighting quite a bit. Kelly had told Meghan to stay at home with her daughter Aspen instead of spending with her friends, while King Edmonds had questioned whether Dodd had cheated on Michael by having a boyfriend on the side.

The two agreed that their fights were pointless, and they agreed that they should be nice to one another.

"When Meghan stopped by my house, it gave us a chance to forgive each other for the hurtful text messages that triggered our fight. I also appreciated Shannon’s comment that she can move past our tumultuous history and she can get along with me because she believes I “have shown remorse”.

I feel the same way about her," Kelly Dodd explains on her blog.

It is possible that they could be really good friends if they don't inquire about one another's marriages.

Could be shortlived peace

However, the peace-making could be shortlived. Even though the two of them went for dinner together, they have been feuding a bit on Twitter.

Perhaps it wasn't great for them to relive their drama on social media. At least, it sounds like they aren't agreeing with one another.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd's comments about Meghan King Edmonds? Are you surprised that they made peace so easily?