The "#Big Bang Theory" is a show that focuses on the lives of Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, and Rajesh Koothrappali. All scientist working at Cal Tech they have a tight-knit friend group which grows slightly over the years, despite Sheldon's protests. But a lot has changed for these sci-fi loving nerds since the first season. With #Season 11's premiere we get to take a step back and see the characters grow into new and improved versions of themselves. With Howard and Bernadette married with a child, Sheldon and Amy living together, Leonard and Penny married, and Raj in a loving relationship with his dog, Cinnamon, it's easy to say the dynamic of the show has shifted time and time again.

The ring returns

The #Season 10 finale was cut short just as Sheldon finally got down on one knee and asked Amy to marry him, something we Shamy fans have been waiting forever since the ring made its appearance in the Season 8 finale "The Commitment Determination". But it's original debut wasn't quite for the same reason as it was this time around. The ring was first revealed to us when Amy broke up with Sheldon after he showed no signs in progressing their 5-year relationship when in fact, he was saving his Meemaw's ring for her this whole time. Following their breakup, it was then alluded to in various episodes such as "The Spock Resonance" and "The Meemaw Materialization". After they got back together it was only a matter of time before we would see the ring again, and fans were all hoping that this time it would be on Amy's finger.

Did she say yes?

If you know Amy at all it was no shock that she happily said yes to Sheldon's Proposal. Ultimately marriage or a greater commitment in general was and always has been what Amy has wanted from Sheldon ever since they started seriously dating. In a very Sheldon- like but oddly enough romantic way he took a phone call in the middle of his proposal because it "would have been rude" to not answer Leonard.

While on the phone he tells Leonard that after Ramona kissed him he instantly got in a cab, went to the airport, and flew out to propose to Amy because while kissing her he realized he didn't want to be with any other woman beside Amy for the rest of his life. Cue the aww's because that line was truly heartwarming.

Oh baby

Thrown into the mix was a surprise pregnancy.

To add more excitement to the season premiere we find out that Bernadette is pregnant, AGAIN. Both her and Howard aren't too thrilled about it and it's no surprise seeing as how nervous they were the first time around and how much they complain about how hard it is to take care of Hallie. I think we all thought baby number two would be way into the future, if at all. Penny and Leonard try to comfort Bernadette saying that the baby is a blessing in disguise and that they'll get through it. But, even with their support, the couple doesn't seem so sure and boy do we feel bad for everyone evolved in this ordeal.

Tune in for the next episode of "The Big Bang Theory" next Monday, October 2nd on CBS to see how the group adapts to it all.