Katie Price has broken the news that her husband Kieran Hayler has cheated on her again and that she has decided to end their marriage. The celebrity revealed that she is dealing with the cheating very differently this time, as she has experience of Kieran cheating on her in the past. Fans are furious that Hayler will not tackle his addiction to sex and that he has hurt Price again. According to the Daily Mail, Kieran Hayler had admitted that he had an affair with the nanny that looks after Katie Price's children. Nikki Brown became the latest target of Hayler as he pursued her behind Price's back.

Price dumped the former stripper when she found out about the affair.

Three years prior to this affair, Kieran had also cheated on Price with two of the celebrity’s best friends Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas. Hayler has admitted that the most recent affair had been going on for six months and Katie Price is disgusted with Hayler.

A sex addict?

In a report by The Sun, Hayler has admitted that the affair meant nothing to him and that he realizes that he is a sex addict. Price has been public about her efforts to try and get her ex-husband some help in the past but Hayler has not addressed his issues yet.

Hayler admitted that he would have pursued Nikki Brown regardless of her age or what she looked like.

He admitted that he simply needed a fix and that their encounters were not passionate. Kieran claims that he manipulated the nanny to get into bed with him and that if it was not Nikki than it would have been some other woman.

Price is devastated

According to The Sun, Katie Price is devastated that her husband has cheated on her for the second time now.

The celebrity thought that she and Kieran were going to be together forever and has admitted that it crushed her when he admitted that he had been having an affair.

Katie Price knew of her husband's problems and addictions and was trying to do everything in her power to save their marriage. However, Hayler did not want to tackle his issues and this eventually led to the breakdown of their marriage.

While the nanny is claiming that she did not have an affair with Kieran he has stated that she is simply trying to protect her image.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Kieran stated that he feels terrible about what he did to his wife and has claimed that he will not have Katie branded as a liar. He admitted that she is telling the truth and he did have an affair.

Katie Price appeared on the TV show "The View" to talk about the affair.