Kanye West has become the latest victim of online bullying as users have been commenting about his new look. The rapper has emerged in the public eye after a long stint shying away from the media. His photographs have been circulating online, and members of the public have been shaming him for putting on weight.

The rapper has been shamed online

According to Metro, several people have taken to social media to fat shame rapper Kanye West. The star has not been seen for some months since he suffered a Mental Breakdown, which led to a stint in the hospital.

This breakdown led to Kanye's decision to take a break from his career and to focus on his health and his family.

The star was photographed for the first time in a while recently, and the images were uploaded online. The photographs show West with a slightly fuller frame and a smile on his face. The public appears unable to comprehend the rapper's weight transformation in the light of his recent difficulties.

In a report by Daily Star, it has been confirmed that fans have been posting comments on Twitter calling out the rapper for his weight. Some of these tweets compare him to a homeless man while others joke that they are going to dress up as "Fat Kanye" for Halloween 2017.

The celebrity's fans have jumped to his defense

According to Daily Star, Kanye West's fan base has jumped to his defense. They have told off the people who are fat-shaming Kanye and have claimed that West looks both happy and healthy in the photographs. West's fans have exclaimed their disgust at the people who have attacked Kanye online especially given everything that he has been through lately.

One fan pointed out that Kanye West could have put on weight due to medications that he might be taking at the moment. They claimed that people are being incredibly insensible to the rapper and have asked people to stop posting mean things about him online.

In a report by Metro, it has been confirmed that Kanye West was with his wife and daughter at the time the photograph was taken.

It is clear that West was simply enjoying a day with his family and did not expect this level of online bullying. The rapper has not commented on the body shaming, and fans are hoping that this will not negatively affect his mental health.

The rapper has been through some tough times recently as he has been recovering from his breakdown, dealing with animosity from Jay-Z and is currently expecting his third child with Kim Kardashian through surrogacy.