Kameron Westcott is a brand new housewife to "The Real Housewives of Dallas," and she is all about pink, dog food, and loving her family. Kameron may come across as someone who lives in her own bubble, but she's proving that she may have some business smarts. In addition, she has a strong personality and she's not afraid to speak her mind when she feels unfairly treated. This came to the surface when Kameron was confronted with the fact that her co-stars would be going on a trip to Memphis without her. Of course, Westcott wasn't the only person who wasn't invited, but the invitations went out in front of her and she spoke out about it.

But perhaps it was best she stayed home, as she was working on her pink dog food business. According to a new report, Kameron Westcott is now revealing that she was excited about getting the investment from her husband to launch her business. Westcott is convinced that her pink dog food idea will be a huge hit, but she needs help to launch the business. She knows her husband has the money, but she needs to convince him to invest.

Asking for investment

On the show, Kameron Westcott prepared a whole presentation to show her husband that she knew what she was doing. He wasn't impressed with the presentation, but revealed he would give it a second chance if she could prove that there was a viable idea behind it all.

Kameron didn't mind asking her husband for the money, as she felt she could manipulate him.

"Louis is not used to a budget, but I was so super happy that my husband believed in me enough to give me a chance. The art of the con is to always let your target think he or she is in control and that they are smarter than you are. I let Court think he had a choice, but there is no turning me down," Kameron Westcott wrote in her Bravo blog, revealing that she was able to score $10,000 as an investment in her business if she was able to prove a viable concept.

Husband has the power

There seems to be a theme in Dallas. The ladies married successful men with money and they call the shots. Some viewers felt odd watching Kameron Westcott ask her husband for money. Stephanie Hollman was in a similar situation, where her husband revealed that he got to make the decisions because he had the money.

There seems to be a power issue on "The Real Housewives of Dallas," where the ladies have to ask their husbands for money.

What do you think about Kameron Westcott asking her husband for money? Are you surprised that he won't put up the money to support her dream?