Kailyn Lowry recently opened up about her birth story on her website, where she revealed just how quickly her son was born. Even though Kaylin has revealed that she was going to care for this baby all by herself, she decided to call chris lopez to tell him that she was about to give birth. Kailyn was excited about becoming a mother again as she is already raising two boys. She wanted Chris to be there to experience the birth of his son, so she called him right away, telling him to rush. At the time, she had no idea that she would give birth within a few hours.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she's trying to get Chris Lopez more involved with the baby. On Twitter, fans asked if she had inquired about Chris' birth story and the whole birthing drama. She reveals that she did ask him to share his story. Chris hasn't issued a statement to the "Teen Mom 2" community about his role in Kailyn's life. For a while, people thought he was merely a sperm donor as she kept saying she was doing everything by herself. But when he showed up at the hospital, he hinted he wanted more.

Using her for fame?

Chris isn't the type of person to be in the spotlight and he hasn't really done anything on social media or on MTV engage himself. When Kailyn announced that she was pregnant by another man who was unknown to fans of "Teen Mom 2," many people thought that he would try to take advantage of her and her success.

Wants to be a father?

However, it sounds like he just wants to meet his son and perhaps play a role in his life. He hasn’t requested much, but it's possible that he and Kailyn have an agreement as to how big of a role he will play in the baby’s life.

In the beginning, Kailyn revealed that she herself would be caring for the baby because she was the one who wanted the baby. The doctor had told her she needed to get pregnant now rather than later, as she wouldn't be able to have kids if she waited much longer. Chris offered to help, but she never revealed how that conversation went.

As for Lowry, she believes that it would be healthy for Chris to get involved, even if it doesn't mean financially. Perhaps Kailyn just wants him to be a positive role model for their son, or maybe she wants him to provide emotional support to the young man with a potentially bright future.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry trying to get Chris Lopez involved with the baby's life? Are you surprised that she's making an effort to get him to know his son?